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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An astronaut took half in ‘celebrating’ the pilgrimage in 2023 by sharing pictures of pilgrims from the Worldwide Area Station. He’s Sultan Al Neyadi, an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates who’s on responsibility on the Area Station.

The person additionally had time to cross Ramadan on Earth and had tried fasting. By way of his Twitter media account, Al Neyadi additionally did not need to miss the Eid al-Adha 2023 second by sharing a photograph of Mecca from outer house.

This picture of the Muslim holy metropolis was taken by Al Neyadi on Monday (26/6/2023) when the congregation on the floor of the Earth started finishing up the wukuf procession at Arafah.

“Immediately is Arafah Day, an essential day within the Hajj pilgrimage, reminding us that religion is just not solely a matter of perception, however within the type of motion and reflection. Might this encourage us to attempt for love, humility and unity,” stated Al Neyadi, quoted Saturday (15/7/2023).

Al Neyadi is just not the primary Muslim astronaut. Beforehand, Prince Sultan bin Salman Al-Saud from Saudi Arabia had visited outer house throughout Ramadan in 1985.

In outer house, Al Neyadi plans to conduct 19 experiments associated to radiation, sleep, again ache, and supplies science.

Fasting in house

Al Neyadi spent the month of Ramadan in house. Earlier than launching from Earth on February 26, 2023, he had expressed his intention to quick in house.

“We’ll see the way it seems,” he stated quoted from “We are literally allowed to eat sufficient meals and stop a rise in meals or vitamin or hydration deficiencies.”

Al Neyadi is just not the primary astronaut to spend the month of Ramadan in house. Apparently, there’s additionally a solution to decide the size of fasting there.

In a examine entitled Muslims in Outer Area, printed at Harvard Divinity College, wrote in regards to the willpower of prayer and fasting throughout Ramadan. In response to the students, they will comply with the time zone of the place once they go away Earth, quoted on Friday (24/2/2023).

The choice was made when one of many Muslim astronauts was going to outer house named Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor from Malaysia. He launched in 2007 with Russia’s Soyuz TMA-11.

At the moment the Malaysian authorities held a gathering with 150 Islamic legislation students, scientists and astronauts to develop tips for Shukor. They lastly issued a fatwa to assist future astronauts.

As a result of his determination follows the place to depart Earth, for Shukor to be in Kazakhstan.

As well as, in addition they stated that to prostrate throughout prayers in a zero-gravity surroundings, they will make actions in line with their heads or think about actions which might be frequent on Earth.

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