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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Because the founder and proprietor of the biggest furnishings retailer chain on the earth, Ingvard Kamprad definitely has considerable wealth. Bloomberg Index Worldwide In 2006 he estimated he had property of US$ 58.7 billion or IDR 800 trillion, making him the fourth richest individual on the earth.

So, Forbes In 2010, he estimated that his property had been US$23 billion or Rp. 350 trillion. Nonetheless, numerous guesses made by many well-known media didn’t present any readability in any respect.

As a result of the person from Sweden shouldn’t be like different wealthy individuals who like to point out off their wealth. He really wished to cowl up his property. This isn’t to keep away from the tax officer. However as a result of he’s pure, he would not need to be seen as exhibiting off and being boastful.

In an interview with Forbes In 2000, Kamprad stated that his determination to reside a easy way of life was a type of his accountability as a human being. He thinks that wealthy folks, like himself, ought to develop into strange folks to allow them to perceive one another.

By turning into an strange individual, Kamprad was capable of perceive the true issues that had been occurring. Together with with the ability to consider an answer to the issue.

It’s not identified for sure when he did that. Nonetheless, in 1976 he wrote a will which might later develop into the idea of IKEA’s enterprise entitled “The Testomony of Furnishings Vendor”.

By means of this 38-page article, one of many highlights is the idea that extravagance is a sin, and ease is a advantage. “Waste is a mortal sin at IKEA,” he stated.

Even so, in the long run, a will isn’t just a joke, however is utilized in on a regular basis life. Whether or not it is for IKEA operations or Kamprad’s each day life.

Within the written obituary New York Instances, earlier than he died in 2018, Kamprad lived a life removed from luxurious. When visiting IKEA shops around the globe, he all the time takes tremendous low-cost economic system class planes. Then proceed with the second class prepare journey.

Not solely that, Kamprad additionally typically ate low-cost meals and stayed in lodges that had no stars in any respect. Actually, in his non-public home in Switzerland, his storage solely has an outdated Volvo. In the meantime, the wardrobe is stuffed with used garments purchased at flea markets.

To shave his head, he simply goes to low-cost barbers in city shophouses. Then, when he needs to go on vacation he simply must journey round Switzerland by bicycle.

All this was performed to not keep away from taxes, however to reside a purely easy life. He would not need to be seen as exhibiting off, not to mention being boastful, by different folks.

Briefly, he needs to reside on an equal footing with different folks and is prepared to behave just like the poor. Not solely that, he additionally needs a easy way of life to be carried out by all IKEA bosses and staff all through the world.

Kamprad’s orders had been then expressed in eight IKEA manifestation values, which basically require staff within the workplace and in each day life to look after one another, be collectively, be variety, be humble and be accountable. One extension of the order is a ban on bosses from taking costly airline lessons throughout work visits.

Now Kamprad has died on January 27 2018. IKEA was additionally continued by his kids. Nonetheless, anybody will do not forget that IKEA is the fruit of the sweat of Ingvard Kamprad, who has all the time lived merely throughout his 92 years on earth.

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