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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Shortly after independence, Indonesia was shocked by the theft of kilos of gold by a Japanese soldier named Hiroshi Nakamura. No half-hearted, the gold stolen even reached a whole bunch of kilograms. Then, how may this occur?

This story was first obtained from Carla Wolff. Wolff was a member of the Dutch Indies Guerilla Group (NIGO) and the mistress of a Japanese soldier named Captain Hiroshi Nakamura.

As Ben Anderson wrote in Youth Revolution (1988), Captain Nakamura was a Japanese soldier who served in Jakarta through the Dai Nippon occupation (1942-1945). After he was off obligation, he carried out a theft in opposition to a state-owned firm in 1946. At the moment his motion went unnoticed as a result of Indonesians had been engrossed within the frenzy of the proclamation.

In keeping with data De Locomotive (1/8/1948), Nakamura robbed 960 kg of gold value 10 to 80 million guilders. All of the gold was transported by truck and brought to Nakamura’s official residence.

When the gold was in his home, Wolff, who was his mistress, was very joyful. He needed to squander the gold.

“I’m richer than the Queen of the Netherlands. I’ll sleep on a golden mattress and the company will eat from golden plates,” stated Wolff, quoted from Robber (2012)

Sadly, pleasure is ephemeral. Not lengthy after, the theft case was investigated by the Dutch authorities who occupied Jakarta. The outcomes of the investigation acknowledged that Captain Nakamura and Carla Wolff had been formally declared responsible.

Nevertheless, slowly this case additionally dragged in Colonel Nomura, who was Nakamura’s superior, and a British soldier named Captain Morton.

In keeping with the newspaper Hit dagblad (24/6/1946) Nomura was declared concerned as a result of he admitted to having fun with the proceeds of the theft as a result of he was Nakamura’s superior. Nomura additionally admitted to having opened 9 suitcases of gold and the primary for a day at a home. Then, the suitcases had been taken to the Japanese navy workplace in Jakarta.

In the meantime, Morton’s involvement was as a result of he had purchased 20 kg of gold from Nakamura’s theft. Because of being confirmed concerned within the theft, the 4 suspects had been formally detained. Nakamura obtained probably the most extreme punishment. In the meantime, Worlff was sentenced to eight months in jail.

So, the place are the kilos of gold?

Sadly, there isn’t any readability on this matter. When investigating the case, the authorities stated they solely obtained gold equal to 1 million guilders. In the meantime, it’s not clear the place the remaining are.

Some say Nakamura stored the remaining gold in a secret place when he was caught by the police. There are additionally those that say the gold is saved within the Menteng space, Jakarta. Nevertheless, one factor is definite, the whereabouts of the gold is presently unknown.

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