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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia’s first president, Soekarno, has died in finishing up his service to the nation. Though his determine is gone, discussions about him are timeless. Ranging from his prowess as a politician, household life, to his wealth.

About his wealth, some say that Soekarno bequeathed the wealth of the Mataram Kingdom. There are additionally those that say that the first President of the Republic of Indonesia stored revolutionary funds value IDR 55 trillion.

Then, what’s most frequently believed is Soekarno’s possession of gold bars. He stated Soekarno had 57 tons of gold saved in a Swiss financial institution. The entire gold is claimed to have been borrowed by US President John F. Kennedy in 1963 for the development of Uncle Sam.

These tales proceed to be handed down throughout generations, in order that they’ve taken root. In truth, not a couple of individuals are looking for these treasures. They imagine that if all of the property are collected, they’ll repay the state debt. Not surprisingly, numerous strategies had been used to seek out the situation of the treasure. There are additionally those that use the companies of a shaman.

Even so, all efforts to hunt for the treasure till now haven’t produced outcomes. That’s, there are two prospects: the treasure actually would not exist or it’s saved in a sure location. Nevertheless, referring to historic knowledge, it appears that evidently Soekarno didn’t have that a lot wealth.

Historic information present that in his time as President Soekarno, life was troublesome. This was revealed by Soekarno himself in his interview with US journalist, Cindy Adams.

Soekarno stated that his wage as president was solely US$ 220. He didn’t even personal a home or land. Subsequently, it’s only pure that he lives from palace to palace owned by the state.

Gold barPicture: Reuters
Gold bar

In truth, Soekarno stated, he had been purchased pajamas by the ambassador throughout a go to overseas. The ambassador felt pity as a result of Sukarno was sporting a torn nightgown.

“Is there a Head of State who’s impoverished like me and infrequently borrows from his aides?,” stated Sukarno to Cindy Adams in Bung Karno: The Mouthpiece of the Indonesian Folks (1964).

Soekarno’s first son, Guntur Soekarnoputra, confirmed his father’s assertion. In an opinion column in Media Indonesia (26 September 2020), Guntur stated that Soekarno, since earlier than turning into president, had at all times had a skinny pocket. It isn’t shocking that he usually borrowed cash from his associates for the reason that motion period, certainly one of whom was Agoes Moesin Dasaad.

“As president, Bung Karno is the poorest president on the earth. He has no land, no house, not to mention valuable metals, as individuals have been touting,” stated Guntur.

Nonetheless quoting an interview with Cindy Adams, as a result of he was so poor, Soekarno was even virtually given a constructing collectively by the individuals. Nevertheless, he refused on the grounds that he didn’t need to be a trouble.

The Indonesian historian, Ong Hok Ham, additionally denied rumors of Sukarno’s mountain of wealth. Via Energy and Nation (1983), Ong breaks the story and supplies actual historic information. Certainly one of them is expounded to the story of Soekarno inheriting the wealth of the Islamic Mataram kingdom.

Ong stated, it’s unattainable for somebody to inherit treasure from an historic kingdom. Not to mention bequeathing gold bars. The issue is, the treasures of the traditional empire are usually not as huge as one may assume. Even when Mataram Islam nonetheless existed, it owed a debt to the VOC. In the event you actually have a variety of wealth, the dominion ought to repay its money owed. In the meantime, whether it is true that property could be inherited, what’s the inheritance course of?

Ong additionally stated that the story of Sukarno’s wealth might truly be disproved by a easy argument: if he had gold, Soekarno mustn’t have been destitute till the top of his life. Because of this the treasure story of Indonesia’s first president, which has been believed up to now, incorporates errors.

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