The Magical Line Splits RI Into Two, It Has Been 164 Years

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – An imaginary line known as dividing the territory of Indonesia into two. Wallace’s line distinguishes animal and plant species all through Asia and Australia, together with Indonesia.

Wallace’s line divides Indonesia into the islands of Sumatra, Kalimantan and Java into one half with Sulawesi, Maluku and Papua.

IFL Science wrote Wallace’s Line refers back to the imaginary boundary separating the faunal areas of Asia and Australia. Within the space to the west of the road you’ll discover species similar to elephants, tigers, rhinos and orangutans.

To the east there can be marsupials, monotremes, and dragons. That is what’s known as a biogeographical boundary, the border of two areas with variations in biodiversity, quoted Monday (15/5/2023).

The road acquired its identify from the English naturalist who first drew it, Alfred Russel Wallace in 1859. He primarily based it on Charles Darwin’s idea of evolution.

The Wallace Line stretches from the Indian Ocean by means of the Lombok and Makassar Straits to the Philippine Sea. Its location has additionally shifted within the final 164 years.

For instance, three years in the past Wallace’s line was redrawn, curving Christmas Island. As a result of the mammals and reptiles on the west facet of the road have a genetic heritage on the east facet.

However Wallace is not the one imaginary streak within the area. Weber’s traces additionally mark species variations in Australia and Southeast Asia.

The Weber Line was proposed in 1900. Weber was referred to as an alternative choice to the Wallace Line.

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