Work permit & Divorce – Law-Rence

Work permit & Divorce – Law-Rence


Family law: What are the consequences of my divorce on my Swiss residence and work permit?


Are you currently divorcing in Switzerland and have a residence permit? What will happen with it once the divorce is pronounced? 

C permits :

If you have a C permit, the divorce will have no influence on your stay in Switzerland. 


B permits :

If you did not obtain the B permit “thanks” to you marriage , the divorce will not affect your stay. 

Let us distinguish between two cases: the spouse concerned is an EU/EFTA national or a third-country national. 

    A) EU/EFTA nationals : 

You will be able to renew your B permit on your behalf if :

  • You work in Switzerland ;
  • You prove that you have sufficient financial resources to be independant.


    B) Third-country nationals :

You may renew your B permit in your own name if:

  • You have been married in Switzerland for at least 3 years;
  • You are integrated in Switzerland: no criminal record, good reputation, respect for the Constitution, oral knowledge (level A1) of the language of the canton of residence, willingness to integrate, etc. ;
  • The return to the country of origin is too complex (persecution, reintegration difficulties).

However, the employer can apply to extend your permit following a divorce!

Having underaged children allows the renewal of the B permit if :

  • There is a close emotional relationship;
  • Payment of contributions;
  • Maintaining the relationship is impossible because of the distance;
  • The behaviour of the concerned parent is deemed “exceptional”.


If the divorce is related to conjugal violence, the permit holder being the victim, the B permit may be renewed.


The authorities proceed on a case-by-case basis. As each situation is different, a typical outcome cannot be predicted. Asking for a lawyer allows you to get specialised advice adapted to your situation. The lawyer will help you to establish the right strategy to retain your Swiss residence permit.

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